Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Picnic in the Park

Our family has changed a lot since we have posted pictures. But we will start by saying we had a nice relaxing picnic at the park today. After church we made a picnic and went to the park. The kids played for a while then we all ate lunch together, the little kids were so excited to be there they couldn't eat much, they just wanted to play. Ember had both Braxton and Sadie following her every where as she lead the way around the park, telling them what games to play and what to do next.

Sadie loves just about everything and is a good little climber. She loves playing with Braxton they are best buddies! .

Braxton just thought he was one of the big kids and went up and down the slide a million times. He would come over and give us kisses and loves and take of for another adventure.

Scott hung out with the grown ups for a while listening to music, he shot a few hoops then he decided it was time to be the big brother and tease Ember! They chased each other around climbing up and down the playground as fast as they could.
Little Jada was so good she played on the blanket next to Mom and Dad, took a little nap and even had a few kisses from Braxton.

Jordan doesn't like the park and decided to stay home and sleep. We all had a wonderful time the weather was perfect, it was a beautiful day. It is amazing how fast all the kids are growing!!!


Grandma F said...

Thanks for the update. Fun to see all those cute kids. Looks like a truly beautiful day. Here the smog was so thick you could hardly breathe and it was freezing!!!

Grandma F said...

oh and that picture of Jada is especially adorable, what a cutie!

KickButtMommy said...

great picture. Did you finally bust out the fancy camera?

Kathy said...

Fun to see some pictures. Those kids really are growing fast! Sounds like a great day!