Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Picnic in the Park

Our family has changed a lot since we have posted pictures. But we will start by saying we had a nice relaxing picnic at the park today. After church we made a picnic and went to the park. The kids played for a while then we all ate lunch together, the little kids were so excited to be there they couldn't eat much, they just wanted to play. Ember had both Braxton and Sadie following her every where as she lead the way around the park, telling them what games to play and what to do next.

Sadie loves just about everything and is a good little climber. She loves playing with Braxton they are best buddies! .

Braxton just thought he was one of the big kids and went up and down the slide a million times. He would come over and give us kisses and loves and take of for another adventure.

Scott hung out with the grown ups for a while listening to music, he shot a few hoops then he decided it was time to be the big brother and tease Ember! They chased each other around climbing up and down the playground as fast as they could.
Little Jada was so good she played on the blanket next to Mom and Dad, took a little nap and even had a few kisses from Braxton.

Jordan doesn't like the park and decided to stay home and sleep. We all had a wonderful time the weather was perfect, it was a beautiful day. It is amazing how fast all the kids are growing!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, so last weekend was a very great weekend in the (Patrick) Foley Family. We appreciate so much all of the love and the people that came to celebrate these special events with us.

We missed those family members that were not able to make it. We love you as well and hope to be together with you soon.

Patrick & Monique,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Swimming Adventure

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My Boy Under Water

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner for us was actually today. That is one of the joys of divorce and sharing kids. Sometimes you get to have Holiday's early. We did not have to wait for tomorrow to have our festivities. It was a really fun evening of Easter eggs hunts, dinner and visiting with each other and making fun memories. All of the children had a very good time and it was extremely enjoyable.

Tomorrow Lucero is going to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and she is so excited. Her conversion has been a wonderful event to be apart of. She is so excited and we are excited for her. It will make the perfect Easter.

We have had mom and dad Mangrum down for the past week and it has been a terrific visit. The kids have had so much fun with them and vice versa. Our hope is that each of you have a blessed Easter Day. We love you very much.

Playing with Braxton on the trampoline

All the kids and me on the tramp looking through the Easter eggs

Braxton trying to steal the show.

This is our Easter Dinner a day early. It was wonderful.

Ember eating her dinner and being cute as ever.
Scott is getting HUGE. He loves to eat (like his dad).

Maureen, Jordan and Lucero. They are all very busy eating.

Braxton is our Angel. He is so big he needs to sit in a big boy chair.

Scott loves his Grandpa Mangrum.

Monique likes her little Braxton just a "little bit"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Trip Day 5

This was a great day as well. Although it was tough because we had to wake up VERY early. We went on a snorkeling cruise up the Napali Coast. It was a great trip. This is an awesome website that shows the trip that we took. Here are some great pictures of the trip as well.

Scott and Jordan enjoying the boat ride.

Braxton also enjoying a day on the water.

Here are some cute dolphins that we saw, we also saw about 8 or 10 whales throughout the day and 3 or 4 turtles.

Braxton and his mommy. What a cute couple.

The three men of the family.
Once we got out of the boat we hit the chocolate store. We got a few chocolates before heading back to the hotel to start getting ready to head home. We had packing to do and getting our luggage loaded up. But here is a picture of Braxton enjoying his piece of chocolate.

Braxton's Chocolate Face.
On our way home from the boat ride that we took we stopped in at Jamba Juice. My cousin Derek Foley is the Manager there. I wanted to introduce him to Monique and the kids. Last time in Kauai Monique was sick in bed and so her dad and I went and met him. So we went by, but sort of crazy, was the fact that he was in California and Nevada on vacation. I left a message for him. But I am sure we will meet in the future again. We really did have a nice visit last time.
We had a wonderful end to our trip. We headed back to the hotel and got all packed up. Then we had a wonderful final dinner. We headed to the airport and took off at about 9:30pm. Monique and I each got our own row which was great. Braxton and actually all of the kids feel instantly to sleep. We arrived in LA at 4:30am. By the time we retrieved our luggage and made it home it was 7:00am. Just in time to get Ember ready and then to school. Then it was Scott and Jordan. Once they were all at school, Monique and I were able to get some sleep. It was a wonderful trip and we are forever grateful for the fun memories that we made and we are now ready for a new little girl to bless our family.
We also had such a great day today. Lucero took her first discussion with the missionaries tonight. It went very well and she is very eager to learn. It was very fun for me to listen as the missionaries and my dear sweet wife ripped off espanol. I think that it was very exciting for the children to have the missionaries at the house teaching someone as well.
Have a great night.

Family Trip Day 4

So Sunday was a very nice day. We were able to get up and go to Sacrament Meeting at the Lihue 1st Ward. It was a very nice meeting. We did have somewhat of a funny experience. The concluding speaker (the High Council Visitor) was speaking. I pulled out my Iphone to see what time it was. I accidently hit something on it and President Uchtdorf's General Conference talk started playing. I of course froze. I did not know what to do. All of a sudden during the middle of church General Conference starts playing. Everyone started to turn around (we were on the last row in the chapel) and look at us. finally I just jumped up and walked out the back door and finally figured out how to turn it off. Quite embarrasing but, I survived.

Once Sacrament Meeting was over we went on a hike up the NouNou trail. It was absolutely beautiful. It was quite a challenge for an out-of-shape person like myself, but it was a wonderful family event, and an incredible view.

Ember and her cute Smommy

The cute Foley family at the top of the hill.

Here is the view from the top.

Daddy taking his turn carrying Braxton up the hill. He was pretty good.

Here is my little football player.

Me and my tiny (5 month pregnant) wife.

My big football player and my little one. Scotty carried Braxton all of the way to the top of the mountain. He was very cute with him.

Ember is our darling, energetic little girl.

Here's JORDAN!!!

Scott carreid Braxton up, and Jordan carried him almost the entire way down. Not only did she carry him, but she also got him to fall asleep.

So Sunday was a wonderful day for us. We really enjoyed it very much. We got to see a little of the Island. Once again the best thing was just to be able to hang out together and make great memories.
Now there are four, soon to be five.

My beautiful wife and I the night before we left.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Trip Day 3

So yesterday was another very fun and relaxing day. We spent most of the day hanging out at the pool. The kids were all a little sun burned. Scott of course had to get his work out in. He is in training for football season. Then last night we went to a nice quite dinner for Valentines Day. We love the peace and seremity that is here. It is amazing that if I can say that with 4 children, you must really know that it is true.
Mo and Ember at dinner. You can see some of Braxtons head sticking in the picture.

Mo and Braxton posing for the picture.

My three little cuties. They have really been cute on this trip.

Here is Braxton trying to be a stylish little man. He makes us all laugh a lot.

Well, we lov eyou all, but we need to get out of the door for church. We will talk later.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Trip Day 2

I will update this with writing a little later today. For now I just thought that I would add the pictures.

Napping on the beach. I am not sure who liked it more, him or Mo and I.

My and my little Braxton playing in the ocean. He loved it.

Jordan, Scott and Ember getting ready for surf lessons.

Jordan was able to catch five or six waves. Scott did pretty good as well, but Ember did not like it too much. They all had a very good time though.

Braxton just chilling on the beach.

Braxton chilling on the beach with his bottle. That is Braxton's definition of paradise.

Our four beautiful kids all hanging out on the beach. Jordan got sun burned. That was no fun.
This swimming pool was also something we had a lot of in. We spent many hours playing.
This will suprise the whole world. "SCOTT BROUGHT A FOOTBALL WITH HIM TO PLAY WITH ON THIS TRIP". I know, no one will believe me, but he did. We had a lot of fun playing football in the pool yesterday.